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  • Computer and console LAN parties
  • Cosplay
  • DND and Board Games
  • Themed Parties (pirates, assassins, zombies, etc.)
  • Arcade games
  • Play to earn currency

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The Sanctum Provides a social setting for gamers of all types. Be who you want to be. You can come in costume and bring your pets.*
*Some restrictions may apply. Please contact us with any questions.

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Lets face it! $60 for a single game is a little expensive for some of us. At The Sanctum we provide the opportunity to play any game for the cost of a membership. Imagine playing 50 different games a month for less then the cost of a full priced game.

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We have top of the line custom built Sanctum brand PC's and servers. We also have gaming consoles and HD displays and a board gaming sound proof room for anything from your favorite family board game to DND style role playing games. We also offer sound proof recording studios for creating top of the line streaming and YouTube content.

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