What is The Sanctum?

Who we are:

We offer a variety of entertainment options for everyone and provide a clean and safe environment for your comfort. We are a community of gamers. Whether you like to play video games or board games, we offer a social environment to meet like minded humanoids (and other).

Our dream:

Our dream is to create an epic community that brings together all geeks and nerds. We want to spread The Sanctum across the nation and build a gamers haven for everyone to enjoy.

Our vision of the future:

Our vision of the future is WORLD DOMINATION (Just kidding! sort of...). Really though, we want to keep adding more and more toys to The Sanctum. We have so many ideas and so many interests that we can't imagine leaving anything out. We want The Sanctum to be your second home.


Arcade Room: We offer a diverse arrangement of arcade games: including pool tables, air hockey, ping pong, and Foosball.

Computer Room: We offer TOP of the line high tech custom built Sanctum PC's arrayed in LAN party fashion.

Recording Studios: We offer sound proof booths for high definition recording and streaming.

Theater Room: We offer console gaming and movies in our projector room.

Board Room: We offer a sound proof board room for non digital gaming experiences such as board games and DND.

Karaoke: We offer a karaoke stage with high definition surround sound and an amazing DJ.

Cosplay: We offer a costume creation closet, with hundreds of materials to make your perfect outfit, and a cosplay specialist to help you bring it to life.

Legendary Gaming Experience!