Becoming a Sanctum Member means you will gain access to all of our toys. We have different levels of membership that receive perks based on what level of membership you purchase*.

Daily access: The arcade room is open to all. This room also includes a karaoke stage. To gain access to the inner sanctum you may purchase a day pass of increasing rank (Warrior Pass, Guardian Pass, and Paladin pass). This entitles you to experience everything that The Sanctum has to offer.

Warrior: You are given a bronze key to enter the Inner Sanctum. This gives you access to the LAN room full of computers and will also unlock any PC in this room. You will also have access to the kitchen/dining area and the console rooms. You can earn Sancteons to purchase items and games at The Sanctum store.

Guardian: You are given a silver key which, along with access to everything the Bronze Key provides, will gain you access to the sound proof recording rooms, the costume/cos play dressing rooms and the help of our cosplay specialist. You also have access to the game rooms designed for board games and other non digital sit down entertainment, as well as our role play area.

Paladin: You are given a gold key which, along with access to everything that the Bronze and Silver keys provide, will allow you to order 2 free pizzas per month and receive 5 Sancteons per month to spend at the Sanctum Store. You also have the right to reserve the theater, game or role play room for up to a full business day. You will also be able to pick up a tablet to track your Sanctum Avatar's status, your Sancteon balance, make reservations and have remote access to The Sanctum store.

We also offer ways to earn memberships and Sancteons. While playing a game and something amazing happens, you can press a button to highlight that moment. We record that moment so that we can play it back on a highlight reel at the end of the week. We also post the best Sanctum gaming moments on our YouTube channel. You earn Sancteons that can be spent on prizes of all sorts at The Sanctum Store. The Sanctum store holds prizes ranging from stuffed animals to consoles and computers or you can use them as part of your membership fee.* Play to pay! Another way to earn Sancteons is to recruit members for The Sanctum. When your friend uses your name when signing up for a membership, you will be rewarded Sancteons based on what type of membership they purchase.

Your membership Key also holds all your Sancteons like a prepaid credit card for easy use.

*Membership prices coming soon.